Homemade Ice Cream

Ray and his ice cream makers are always experimenting   and concocting new flavors, so if you have a request,

let us know and we'll make if for you!

Ice Cream Cakes and Pies

Looking for a special ice cream treat? Our cakes and pies will satisfy your need! We have an extensive list of cake creations, but if you can't find the one you're looking for, we are more than willing to make a special one for you (please order at least two days before you need it).

All of our cakes are made with our homemade ice cream and topped with a light, non-dairy whipped topping or our rich chocolate ice cream topping. We have a display freezer at Sweet Temptations full of cakes and pies ready to be purchased. For no charge we offer to write a special message on any cake.

Don't hesitate to call and order a cake for any occasion. Most decorations and themes require no up charge from the original cake price, however if additional charges are required we will quote that at the time of ordering.


Sweet Temptations Ice Cream Flavors

FLAVOR                                            DESCRIPTION

ACACIA ASHORE                           Named to honor the men and women of the Coast Guard; chocolate and

                                                          orange ice creams swirled together   

ALMOND JOYFUL                          Coconut ice cream with chocolate swirl & chocolate covered almonds

BIRTHDAY CAKE                           Cake batter ice cream with a frosting swirl and sprinkles

BLACK CHERRY                            Cherry ice cream with black cherry halves

BLACK RASPBERRY                      Black raspberry ice cream with black raspberry swirl

BLACK WALNUT                           An old fashioned favorite

BLUE MOON                                  Similar to cotton candy flavor - very sweet

BROWNIE BATTER                        Brownie Batter flavored ice cream with chewy brownie pieces

BUTTER BRICKLE                         A buttery toffee flavored ice cream with crunchy toffee pieces

BUTTER PECAN                             Butter pecan flavor with pecan halves

BUBBLE GUM                                 Pink bubble gum ice cream with colorful gum pieces

CARAMEL CASHEW                     Caramel ice cream with cashews

CHOCOLATE                                  Deep, dark choc flavor; very rich

CHOCOLATE ALMOND                Darkest of all of our choc ice creams with chocolate covered almonds

CHOCOLATE CHIP                       Classic vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips

CHOCOLATE DECADENCE        A rich chocolate ice cream with chocolate swirl and choc chips

CHOCOLATE MALT CHIP           Chocolate malt ice cream with whopper pieces

CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER FUDGE     Chocolate peanut butter flavored ice cream with a peanut

                                                                          butter swirl and fudge pieces

CHOCOLATE RAINFOREST        Chocolate ice cream with a caramel swirl, cashews and chocolate pieces

CINNAMON                                  Cinnamon flavored ice cream with a cinnamon swirl

COFFEE TOFFEE                           A rich, bold coffee ice cream with heath pieces

COOKIE DOUGH                          Cookie dough flavored ice cream with cookie dough pieces

COOKIES N CREAM                    Vanilla ice cream with Oreo pieces

CRUNCHY PEANUT BUTTER     Vanilla ice cream with a peanut butter swirl and Spanish peanuts

DARK DECADENCE                      Rich dark chocolate ice cream with chocolate flakes

FRENCH SILK                                Creamy chocolate caramel ice cream with chocolate pieces

FRENCH VANILLA BEAN             French vanilla ice cream with a vanilla bean swirl

HARBOR ISLAND FUDGE            Vanilla ice cream with a chocolate swirl and fudge pieces

HEATH CANDY CRUNCH             Vanilla ice cream with a caramel swirl and heath pieces

LEMON CUSTARD                         A smooth, creamy lemon ice cream

MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP             Crème de menthe ice cream with chocolate chips

MOCHA FUDGE CHIP                   Mocha ice cream with fudge pieces

MOOSE TRACKS                           Vanilla ice cream with a heavy fudge swirl and mini pb cups

NEW YORK CHEESECAKE         Cheesecake ice cream with a graham cracker swirl and cheesecake pieces

OREO                                              Oreo ice cream w/ Oreo pieces

PEANUT BUTTER CUP                  Peanut butter ice cream with a Jif peanut butter swirl and Reese’s peanut

                                                          butter cups

PEANUT BUTTER PRETZEL          Vanilla ice cream with a Jif peanut Butter swirl and chocolate covered

                                                          pretzel balls

PEPPERMINT                                  Crisp peppermint ice cream with red and green crunchy peppermint pieces

PEPPERMINT SNOWSTORM        Classic peppermint ice cream with a chocolate swirl and Oreo cookies

POLAR BEAR                                   Vanilla ice cream with mini gummy bears

PRALINE PECAN                            Vanilla ice cream with a caramel swirl and candied pecans

PUMPKIN PIE                                  The best you’ll taste!

RASPBERRY CHOCOLATE CHIP  Vanilla ice cream with a raspberry swirl and chocolate flakes

RUM RAISIN                                     Rum ice cream with rum soaked yellow raisins

SNICKERS                                       Vanilla ice cream with a caramel swirl and Snickers pieces

SPUMONI                                        Cherry, pistachio & chocolate ice creams

STRAWBERRY                                 An old fashioned favorite; classic strawberry ice cream made with strawberries

STRAWBERRY  CHEESECAKE     Cheesecake ice cream with a straw swirl

SALTED CARAMEL                        Caramel ice cream with sea salt

SUPERMAN                                     Cherry, blue moon, and lemon, swirled together.

TOASTED COCONUT                    Toasted coconut ice cream with toasted coconut pieces.

VANILLA                                          The best you'll ever taste!

LOW FAT ICE CREAM                      Is all 96% fat free

LF BUTTER PECAN                         Butter pecan ice cream with pecan halves

LF HARBOR ISLAND FUDGE         Van ice cream with a fudge swirl and fudge pieces

LF GRASSHOPPER                           Mint ice cream with Oreo pieces

SHERBET                                           Lowfat, made with fruit juice and milk  Orange, Raspberry and Lime

SORBET                                            Fat free, fruit based soft serve.  Very refreshing, flavors rotate.  Mango,

                                                           Strawberry, Raspberry and Strawberry Kiwi

**Please call to check for availability**


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